Will Blackburn (SLO)

w/Sam Burchfield

october 4th

Queen street Playhouse


Will Blackburn

Stop Light Observations may be blazing their own trails, but they want everyone to join them on their journey—fans, friends and family, past and present. "The Volume releases will ultimately be defined as a series—a voice for the voiceless. A podium for those who have yearned for the opportunity to share their own stories of struggle, passion, and love," vocalist Will Blackburn explains.

 "We live in an era of polar divisions perpetuated by fear," Blackburn continues. "And the divide seems to be growing exponentially. But if we turn off the cable news channel and walk out our front doors and speak to our neighbors, we may find that our struggles, while they vary, are often quite relatable. It is my hope that trough this style of releasing music that we may open up the conversations that need to be addressed most in today's America. All are equal and all opinions should be heard with hopes of perpetuating peace and understanding. Love is the way and this is the path we have chosen to move forward."


Sam Burchfield

Raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of South Carolina, Sam Burchfield was brought up on Appalachian music: folk, gospel, country and southern soul.  The young songwriter draws on these roots with a deep lyrical honesty and carries the tradition of folk music forward. 

Burchfield’s upcoming EP, ‘Graveyard Flower’, seeks to reconnect to the Appalachian roots that raised him. In a world of cell phones and internet distractions, this body of work beckons the listener to plant their feet firmly in the soil. Reconnect to the land, reconnect to each other; ‘Graveyard Flower’ is honest music.

Sam Burchfield and his band of ‘Scoundrels’ have opened for wide range of talent, from St. Paul & The Broken Bones to CAAMP and Ben Rector. Whether a raucous full band performance or an intimate acoustic performance Burchfield’s lyrical depth and pure vocals bring to life beautifully crafted songs. After turning down multiple contracts, the up and coming folk singer has continued to release music independently and has grown over 150k monthly listeners on Spotify as well as millions of listens.



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